The Feeling at least…. Finally :)

The last 3 days have been quite stressful… but still exciting!

All that documentation, visa forms, passport copies, signatures… too much work. Finally we get that feeling of going to Germany. Yes, we are going for the 9th Indo-German Exchange programme!

I’m glad I study in DPS Indirapuram, a school which gives me such an opportunity..
That’s one thing I’ll always be grateful  of my school for this.  :’)

We are 13 people finally going- 12 students and one teacher. All of us excited for the trip and thrilled about the journey! We are finally going!! It has been a dream for all of us! and it”s finally seems to come true.

We have our tickets in our hands and already in conversation with our partners back there in Gaildorf, Germany..

It’s a place near Stuttgart in South-Germany. All of them are really sweet and very interesting to know.

I’ts just the beginning  of the journey… Hope it goes well.

Why keep a Diary?

Okay so……. while i was trying to think of a a topic for my first blog, a thought crossed my mind. It was just a regular one which is kind of a daily schedule, it was about my diary.

I just started thinking of writing my feelings down in my diary like i always do and there, i found my topic.

Why writing a Diary is important?

Well, i think everyone should write a diary as it helps us analyze ourselves. and more importantly, a diary always acts as a true friend. whenever I’ve felt like bluttering out  my feelings to someone, there it was… always listening patiently. if there’s anything I’ve felt about something I’ve penned it down there. it helps you to get your mind sorted free of a little clutter…. and besides, if there’s some problem you’re facing, writing it down helps you solve them.Your own thoughts become clear to you….

Now, i know some of my friends who don’t write a diary because they don’t have privacy. Most of the times the issue is the younger siblings or in some case the parents themselves. Thankfully in my case I’ve got full freedom of writing anything down and complete assurance of the fact that no one from my family would never attempt to read it (may be i’m quite lucky for that matter).but if it’s not your case then i have a solution for you……

There’s a friend of mine who has this idea… she has got a younger brother at home and being a teenager she cannot take the risk of writing a diary and letting out everything to him, so she found a solution (necessity is the mother of invention! told ya!) 

She writes down whatever she’s feeling when nobody is around, fills at least 2 to 3 pages with her thoughts and emotions and some events too and then, she tears off those pages and throw them away in the dustbin.

Maybe this idea can not help you analyze yourself but it still helps as a psychological therapy……

So, from now on make it a point to always write down any of your mental conditions or secrets you share with others on some pages or if you’re lucky enough… in a Diary . Don’t take a chance, who knows if your diary may help others too ;)

(oh! and you can of course start an anonymous blog instead of a diary! ;)

“Bad news and eggs should be cracked gently”

“Bad news and eggs should be cracked gently”egg

Well, all of us know that. Bad news can not be shouted, this can only happen in daily soaps but in real life you don’t feel like shouting a ad news. It has to be told gently and eggs! of course they will smash on your hands and face if you don’t crack them gently. :>