The language of the Hands

Taking someone’s hand into your own is the most beautiful gesture you can ever make. It’s like you want them to trust you, you tell them that you’d take care, you’ll hold. You make them feel your presence in a supportive sense. Letting them take your hand feels as pleasing. For a moment you feel […]


At times I wish I could stay still for sometime. Just lie on my bed, blankly staring at the roof, not moving a single cartilage. Just lie with my eyes open and feel the stillness. It makes me calm and sooths me down. I start to notice the color of the roof and feel my […]

The Map of life

And in life we all have these special moments i believe. Where they say life takes turns. I always wondered why they’re called turns, why is this journey of life always called a journey, and why is it always a lone trek? Well it’s a simple logic, we are all born alone as a single […]

With love, Happiness ❤

I am really creative. Like you might be good at stuff and use your imaginations to make paintings, dances, music, poems and amazing things like those. But i use imaginations to make friendships and laughter and love and a life. And just like your paintings enchant others, my love does it too. It’s just that […]