Everything Counts

I was going through my personal diaries yesterday.¬†All those lose pages i had written when i was probably 5 or 7 n a few well maintained diaries from last five years. Going through all those years felt so beautiful. It was as if i was living them all over again. All those years all those […]

The circle of Connections

It’s funny how we as human beings connect with other human beings.
It’s like we are born as individuals to a unique bunch of people already experienced in life, as if they were selected to help us out and guide us like a job trainee or something. And we develop our individuality. We begin to have an independent conscience, what we think remains to ourselves. Like it’s so strange how we become individuals through a process of connecting, isn’t it?

Be with U

There are times in our lives when everything is normal and happy and nothing’s wrong, yet we feel like something’s missing. As if something is incomplete. Typical teenage quotes and posts around the social network tell us this is loneliness and we somehow start believing it. We start connecting to it, and hence conclude that […]

Let’s live the New year just like 2015

All of us have some moments in our lives. ‘Our’ little moments of pure happiness. They are just a spark you know, like for a very small fraction of time you feel like your feet are not on the floor anymore and you literally feel awed by something. You can truly feel the novelty of […]

Living the Journey

I want to Travel the World. I want to go on a road trip and never return. I want to explore. I want to stop at a random place to just lie on the ground and listen to music. I want to hike through the greenest hills and the darkest meadows for miles and miles […]


Today was just AMAZING.. if put in one word. it was officially our first day in Germany. We created our first memories of the place today, and m simply glad that they are already one of the best.It was our first hike.. Yes, hike. We hiked to one of the exchange students- Killian’s house for […]

Namaste Deutscland

Finally now, We are here… living our dreams :’) We took off from Delhi last night.. And reached the Frankfurt airport on time.. and thankfully without any hiccups. The highlight of the day of course was the fact that….. We are the second ever exchange group who boarded the scheduled Train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart!! […]