Home Love

Some people feel like home and some places feel like love. Time is an artificial concept and the more I think about it, I realize how this thought makes most things unreal. Except in some spaces where we stop measuring and we live. And these spaces are only people, people who feel like home. And […]

What if?

What if it is meant to be? What if it was supposed to happen? What if life actually returned it to you? What if it was meant to make you happy? What if your heart had to break? What if it was supposed to be made in a different way so it had to be […]

It’s just a cliché

Everything gets better with time, it does. I read something scribbled on a friend’s notebook once which said; when you get your heart broken, to you it’s the end of the world, but to the world it’s the end of just another story. And no they aren’t the exact words at all, but that’s my […]

“Hoping” lanterns 

It’s time we should all learn to stop wishing and start hoping. Hoping for the best, not wishing for it. Wishes need magic lamps. I don’t want to rub a few hundred lamps and wait to find the one. I’d rather aim and work and hope than sit and wait and wish.

Then, we grew up.

We were less afraid. When we were little we were less afraid of falling. Not because we had a faith system or anything but because we didn’t care. We were carefree and sometimes careless too. Curiosity was our priority. Then we grew up, we learned new things, learned to fear, learned to differentiate, learned to […]