The Map of life

And in life we all have these special moments i believe. Where they say life takes turns. I always wondered why they’re called turns, why is this journey of life always called a journey, and why is it always a lone trek? Well it’s a simple logic, we are all born alone as a single […]

With love, Happiness ❤

I am really creative. Like you might be good at stuff and use your imaginations to make paintings, dances, music, poems and amazing things like those. But i use imaginations to make friendships and laughter and love and a life. And just like your paintings enchant others, my love does it too. It’s just that […]

Everything Counts

I was going through my personal diaries yesterday. All those lose pages i had written when i was probably 5 or 7 n a few well maintained diaries from last five years. Going through all those years felt so beautiful. It was as if i was living them all over again. All those years all those […]

The circle of Connections

It’s funny how we as human beings connect with other human beings.
It’s like we are born as individuals to a unique bunch of people already experienced in life, as if they were selected to help us out and guide us like a job trainee or something. And we develop our individuality. We begin to have an independent conscience, what we think remains to ourselves. Like it’s so strange how we become individuals through a process of connecting, isn’t it?