At times I wish I could stay still for sometime. Just lie on my bed, blankly staring at the roof, not moving a single cartilage. Just lie with my eyes open and feel the stillness. It makes me calm and sooths me down. I start to notice the color of the roof and feel my […]

The Map of life

And in life we all have these special moments i believe. Where they say life takes turns. I always wondered why they’re called turns, why is this journey of life always called a journey, and why is it always a lone trek? Well it’s a simple logic, we are all born alone as a single […]

With love, Happiness ❤

I am really creative. Like you might be good at stuff and use your imaginations to make paintings, dances, music, poems and amazing things like those. But i use imaginations to make friendships and laughter and love and a life. And just like your paintings enchant others, my love does it too. It’s just that […]

Everything Counts

I was going through my personal diaries yesterday. All those lose pages i had written when i was probably 5 or 7 n a few well maintained diaries from last five years. Going through all those years felt so beautiful. It was as if i was living them all over again. All those years all those […]